Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Roger Staubach and JLL make their Super Bowl pick... based off commercial real estate

JLL and America executive chairman Roger Staubach think the New England Patriots will beat the Atlanta Falcons in Sunday's Super Bowl, and it's not because of head coach Bill Belichick's game plan or quarterback Tom Brady's ability to slice up a defense.

Boston has a better commercial real estate market than Atlanta. Therefore, they'll win the game, JLL says.
“The Patriots’ recent run of success mirrors the growth of our regional economy and real estate market," said Jim Tierney, managing director of JLL's New England region. "Across many industries and geographies, commercial real estate investors and tenants have created a market that is consistent and strong."

JLL has used the less-than-scientific method of predicting the Super Bowl winner since 2011 and they've actually fared pretty well, picking the winner correctly almost 70 percent of the time.

The firm pointed out the asking rates for the Boston metro area reached about $34 a square foot. That's a 26.5 percent rise since 2010.

Atlanta isn't doing too bad, either, as it tries to increase walkability as a city. Since 2010, asking rates have increased by 15.3 percent.

Staubach — the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who knows a thing or two about Super Bowls — said both teams have high-octane offenses, so whichever defense can slow down the opponent will claim the title.

Evan Hoopfer/Dallas Business Journal