Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mercedes-Benz to develop new regional distribution facility in Grapevine

Mercedes-Benz USA, which is in the process of moving its headquarters to Atlanta, plans to develop a new regional parts distribution warehouse and a new Learning & Performance Center along Lakeside Parkway in Grapevine.

The Learning & Performance Center is relocating from Houston to Grapevine and will accommodate the ongoing training of Mercedes-Benz dealership technicians from throughout the southwestern United States.

The new 254,000-square-foot parts distribution warehouse will sit along Lakeside Parkway in Grapevine

The two facilities are slated to sit on more than 31 acres along Lakeside Parkway at Enterprise Road in Grapevine, which is the northern-most part of a 185-acre tract of land once owned by former Texas Rangers player Rafael Palmeiro.The City of Grapevine purchased the acreage for $29.5 million.

Grapevine is creating a corporate magnet upon the land, which will also house Kubota Tractor Corp. upon completion of the facility. Mayor William D. Tate said the new Mercedes-Benz USA facilities and Kubota Tractor Corp.'s headquarters will boost the community with hundreds of new jobs.

The parts distribution center — which is one of six of its kind in the country — will total about 254,000 square feet of space and will parcel out parts throughout the southwest United States.

Once staffed, the 59,000-square-foot training facility will employ 50 full-time employees and will be able to train 150 to 200 technicians per week.

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Candace Carlisle for Dallas Business Journal