Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Exclusive: Four Fortune 1000 companies considering headquarters moves to Dallas area

Four major companies are seriously considering relocating their headquarters to Dallas or its surrounding suburbs, a top regional economic development officer told the Dallas Business Journal in an exclusive interview.

Dale Petroskey, president and CEO of the Dallas Regional Chamber, declined to name the companies, but said that the combined total of jobs at play would be several thousand. While none of the moves are a certainty, the Dallas region is on the short list for all four.
Dale Petroskey Photo  
Dale Petroskey, president and CEO of Dallas Regional Chamber

“We’ve made it to the finals with these companies,” he said. “A lot of people want to move here.”

The four are all Fortune 1000 companies, and they have different timeframes for their moves, he said. One is expected to decide whether North Texas makes the cut in the first half of this year. The Fortune list is made up of the 1,000 largest American companies, ranked by revenues.

The Dallas area has attracted 70 corporate headquarters in the past five years, including 35 from California.

When companies do choose North Texas, the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the region’s central geographic location and its reasonable tax and regulatory environment often contribute to the decision, Petroskey said. North Texas’s reputation as a place where employers can find people who aren’t afraid of hard work often seals the deal, he said.

“This is a more traditional workforce than other places, and I think employers like that,” Petroskey said. “Our community is filled with traditional hard-working people.”

Bill Hethcock for Dallas Business Journal