Wednesday, September 03, 2014

International Real Estate Buyers Bring More Than $11 Billion to Texas Economy

Texas Assoc Realtors Int Buyers 2
Of all the international purchases in America, 12 percent of buyers from abroad purchase in Texas, 
according to the 2014 Texas International Homebuyer Report from the Texas Association of Realtors. 
Those buyers accounted for a total of $11.06 billion in sales between March 2013 and March 2014, 
the report says, making the great state the third most popular market for international buyers.

“The Texas housing market is not only strong in sales volume, but in its diversity,” said TAR chairman 
Dan Hatfield. “The demand for Texas homes stretches around the world. International homebuyers 
increasingly view Texas homes as a good investment, and as our economy has grown, so has the 
number of international homebuyers in our state.”

Texas Assoc Realtors Int BuyersSo, where are these international home-
buyers from? Well, more than half hail 
from Latin America or the Caribbean, many 
of them from Mexico.In fact, more than 65 
percent of American homes purchased by 
Mexican homebuyers were in the Lone 
Star State. Houston is the most popular are
for international buyers, with Dallas/Fort
Worth coming in second.
Texas is an increasingly diverse state, with
the third-largest immigrant population in the
U.S. and the seventh-largest population of
foreign-born residents. Six of America’s
top 50 metro areas for immigrants are in 
“As international home sales continue to
grow in Texas, it’s important for Texas
Realtors to work closely with members
of international real estate associations 
to ensure that the needs of this growing
segment of homebuyers are met,” Hatfield
said. “The Texas Association of Realtors
is grateful for its growing partnerships
with AMPI in Mexico and other real
estate associations around the globe.”
If you want to know more about these trends, AMPI, Mexico’s national real estate association, will
join the TAR in San Antonio during the Texas Realtors Conference from Sept. 5-8. Find out more
about the conference and AMPI at the Texas Association of Realtors website.