Friday, June 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Tower makeover hopes to banish the blahs

Groundfloor retail space and transparent glass will
give the tower more street life. 

Many 1980s commercial buildings suffer from an appalling lack of street presence.

That’s certainly the case with downtown Dallas’ Thanksgiving Tower, which has about as much curb appeal as a power plant.

Dark glass walls slam down to the street. The entryways on Elm Street and Pacific Avenue are framed in funereal granite blocks.

Fortunately some changes are in works.

New owners are blowing out the lower level of the skyscraper, adding retail space and transparent glass that will open up the building to the streetscape.

The City of Dallas is kicking in $6 million in tax increment finance district funds to help pay for the tower renovations, which are expected to total about $100 million.

About 16,000 square feet of retail space will be added to the ground floor of Thanksgiving Tower, according to leasing proposals from United Commercial Realty.

The Pacific Avenue side of the building which fronts ThanksGiving Square will have large outdoor seating areas

Outdoor dining and seating areas will be added.(UCR)

Like many 1980s buildings, Thanksgiving Tower doesn't have a lot of curb appeal. (Google Streetview)

Steve Brown- Dallas News