Friday, June 20, 2014

Historic building gets a new lease on life in Dallas Farmers Market

Liberty State Bank Building copy

After being saved from demolition, the historic Liberty State Bank Building will reopen after it was disassembled and relocated to the Dallas Farmers Market.

The two-story Italianate masonry building at 2226 Elm Street in downtown Dallas was originally constructed in 1899, and will move forward as a landmark in an evolving neighborhood.

The historic building is scheduled to reopen Friday at its new location at 600 S. Harwood St., after it was moved to make way for the expansion of César Chávez Boulevard and Pearl Expressway in downtown Dallas.

Wildcat Management, Ruibal's Plants of Texas and architect Craig Melde stepped up to preserve and relocate the building, with Melde purchasing the building for $3 last summer.

The total project cost $2 million. The disassembly and relocation of the building was around $400,000, which was more expensive than initially anticipated, said Tanya Ragan, the president of the Farmers Market Stakeholder's Association and owner of Wildcat Management.

"It was basically a big jigsaw puzzle that was number, archived and put back together in the same spot," Ragan told the Dallas Business Journal."The amount of detail was very time consuming and expensive. If you put an old photo and new photo side-by-side, it is pretty incredible."

The Liberty State Bank Building will get a new life with two new tenants, Green Door Public House, which is a restaurant and bar, and V12 Yoga Studio.

Candace Carlisle- Dallas Business Journal