Monday, June 02, 2014

Energy Transfer To Move Dallas HQ


Energy Transfer will join Chief Oil & Gas as the primary tenants of the new building.
DALLAS – Energy Transfer Equity LP has plans to move its Dallas headquarters to 131,000 square feet in thePreston Center business district. The move is necessitated by the company’s recent growth.
Energy Transfer will join Chief Oil & Gas as the primary tenants of the new building being constructed by Bandera Ventures.
“Bandera's development is a very unique opportunity. It is a one-of-a-kind building,” Dan Harris, of Cassidy Turley, tells “Not only unique to Preston Center as far as the quality of the "sticks and bricks" go, but also because the opportunity to build and develop new buildings in Preston Center is extremely limited.  Plus, the extraordinary opportunity to have two of Dallas' most high-profile companies office together under one roof in one of the city's more unique buildings is truly one of a kind.”
Harris and colleague Randy Cooper worked with Equity Transfer to identify potential headquarter facilities. Cooper says the company considered a number of options including building purchases, developments, and leasing.
Energy Transfer will occupy floors four through seven. While the project is still under construction, the company plans to move in the Spring of 2015.
The new headquarters will give Energy Transfer a chance to consolidate its various offices. “Because of their activity with mergers and acquisitions, Energy Transfer wanted to create an opportunity for all employees that are spread out throughout Dallas to work together under one roof,” Cooper says.

By Katie HindererDallas/Fort Worth