Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Longtime vacant downtown tower gets its first office tenants in two decades

Turkish developer Mike Sarimsakci in front of the 18-story tower at 211 N. Ervay in downtown Dallas.
One of downtown Dallas' longtime vacant office towers -- empty for nearly two decades -- has landed its first three office tenants: Linking the World, Health Wildcatters and Tech Wildcatters.

Construction is underway on the longtime vacant, aquamarine office building at 211 N. Ervay St., preparing space for office space for the international Dallas nonprofit group and the healthcare and technology seed accelerators to move into the property on June 1.

Along with the three office tenants, Turkish developer Mike Sarimsakci told the Dallas Business Journal in an exclusive interview that he has landed a retail tenant for the ground floor of the 18-story tower. The retailer -- a furniture concept out of Turkey called Koleksiyon -- will set up shop in 3,750 square feet on the ground level of 211 N. Ervay, as well as 5,000 square feet of basement space within the tower at the corner of Pacific and Ervay streets. This will be the retailer's first location in the United States.

"This is so exciting to see the whole of downtown Dallas being redeveloped, and it's being redeveloped faster than expected," Sarimsakci told me. "We are sitting at the center of development with this project."
The developer plans to build a self-branded coffee shop called Cafe Mondo, which could also feature food, beer and wine.

Sarimsacki is working on a deal to bring a co-working concept into the tower. Co-working businesses -- such as The Foundry and Common Desk -- have been expanding in Dallas-Fort Worth as the popularity for shared workspace grows among business professionals.

He says the co-working concept could take up to two floors of the tower, which will be redeveloped with a design that has an international flair. Merriman Architects Associates is the project architect.

Upon the co-working lease being executed, the tower will have about seven floors remaining in the tower. Each floor will have about 8,700 square feet of office space.

The redevelopment of 211 N. Ervay is part of a much larger redevelopment effort going on in downtown Dallas by a number of developers.
Staff Writer-Dallas Business Journal