Monday, April 07, 2014

Goldman Sachs is coming to Texas for its annual meeting

Goldman Sachs will hold its shareholder meeting at the company offices on S.H. 114 in Irving. (DMN files)
Two of the country’s biggest financial firms are coming to Texas – at least for their annual meetings.
Banking giant Wells Fargo & Co. is holding its annual shareholder meeting at the end of the month in San Antonio.
And this morning Goldman Sachs Group disclosed that its annual meeting will be in the Dallas area.
The New York-based global investment firm will have its shareholder meeting on May 16th at the company’s regional office in Las Colinas.
“This will be only the second time we have held it away from our headquarters,” said Goldman Sachs managing director David Wells. “There’s been  trend lately of moving the meetings around.”
Last year both Goldman and Wells had their shareholder meetings in Salt Lake City.