Tuesday, December 17, 2013

North Texas Home Sales Up, Dallas Foreclosures Down

DALLAS (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News) – Housing market news continued to be positive in North Texas as existing single-family home sales were up 4 percent last month. Meanwhile, foreclosures continued to decline in Dallas.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram yesterday reported that 5,960 homes were sold in the 29-county North Texas region, according to Real Estate Center data. The median price was $170,000, 10 percent higher than last year.
Year to date, 82,234 homes were sold, an 18 percent increase over the same period last year.
Homes sold in November were on the market for 59 days, a 20 percent drop from November 2012.
On the same day, the Dallas Morning News reported Dallas home foreclosures for the year ending in October were down 36 percent from a year ago.
According to CoreLogic data, lenders foreclosed on 7,624 area homes during that time — the lowest volume in forced home sales in more than five years.
The Dallas area ranked ninth nationally for foreclosures among the major cities CoreLogic surveyed. Nationwide, home foreclosures were down 30 percent.