Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Words of Wisdom from Fred Perpall, CEO of Beck Group

Work hard, Win Big.

Here, then, as part of D Real Estate Daily’s ongoing “Bonus” series, are additional perspectives from Perpall, who talks about his life growing up in The Bahamas, his management strategies, and how, in just 14 years, he went from joining The Beck Group as a 24-year-old to becoming its CEO....

Early Achiever
I had my master’s degree by the time I was 22. I started college when I was 15. We have a system in The Bahamas where after finishing grade six, they test you. If you test at an 8th grade competency, they put you in 8th grade. The only thing it doesn’t take into consideration is maturity. It didn’t equalize with me until I was probably 18 or 19, when everyone is equally immature!
People tell me, “You’re so young as a CEO.” Yes, I’ young in age, but in terms of tenure this is the 17th year of my career. I have been blessed to have had a head start and to have wonderful parents who kept moving me along. You don’t do this by yourself. You have good people around you who help you make good decisions.
I remember when I called my father to tell him I was dropping out of architecture to play basketball. That was a good one. That lasted about five minutes. That was the intention, but by five minutes into the call, I was dropping basketball to play architecture...

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