Monday, January 25, 2010

First Baptist of Dallas to seek license for 2,300 square foot sky bridgefrom Dallas property tax values set to decline this - DALLAS CITY HALL

On Wednesday, First Baptist Church of Dallas will be looking to pay City Hall about $15,000 a year so the church can get rights to build and maintain a 2,283 square foot sky bridge above St. Paul Street near Wenchell.

As you may have heard, the church of Mayor Tom Leppert pastored by the controversial Robert Jeffress is planning a $130 million expansion of their current dwelling downtown.

The item is listed on the City Council's consent agenda.

An ordinance granting a private license to First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas for the use of approximately 2,283 square feet of air space to install and maintain a pedestrian skybridge above portions of St. Paul Street located near its intersection with Wenchell Street - Revenue: $14,845 annually plus the $20 ordinance publication fee