Thursday, August 27, 2009

Downtown Dallas Facts

Did you know that Downtown Dallas has:

• 6,000 CBD residents
• 30,000 Downtown residents
• Over 135,000 employees
• 33 million SF of Office Space
• 150 shops / 250 restaurants
• 17% decrease in crime 2008-09
• 5,000 residential units under construction
• $30 million has recently been contributed to safety, maintenance, capital improvement and marketing programs in 10 years.
• 80 jobs have been created for Downtown Safety Patrol and clean Team

Over the past 18 months

• 40 companies relocated to downtown
• 6,500 jobs came with these companies
• 1.5 million space of office occupied by these companies
• 3 million+ sq ft of expansions and lease renewals
• Corgan and Hunt Consolidated have made long term investments in building their headquarters downtown

Living Downtown

• 14,000 residential units under construction
• Potential to have more than 50,000 Downtown residents by 2011

Retail Downtown

• Plans to bring 500,000 sq ft of retail to downtown areas is currently underway

These are only a few things the downtown Dallas area has been up to. Many other projects and efforts are said to be underway. Results are happening every day in Downtown Dallas. It certainly shows as in the past 50 years this area has gone from 5.5 million sq ft of office space to now over 33 million. Come down and see what we’re doing in Downtown Dallas today!