Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tax Issues for Commercial Real Estate Owners & Tenants in Dallas County

In this economy we are all looking to save a little bit of money right! At least I thought so, because I am!

But the evidence I come across shows not everyone is thinking this way. I say this because of what I believe to be an amazing statistic in Dallas County.

"Only 44% of Dallas Counties' Commercial Real Estate Owners protest their property taxes each year. Of the 44% almost half of those were successful in getting values reduced. They got almost twice as much value knocked off their buildings as homeowners – an average of 15%"
This doesn't include tenants who pay for the owners taxes in their net leases. I imagine it is less than 44%.

With this much success why aren't we all lined up at the district waiting to protest our taxes. I think I can guess why, it takes time and expertise.

That's why Harvard Companies is starting a full-time commercial propety tax consulting firm. Our extensive experience in the real estate field combined with appraisers, lawyers and other tax professionals can help the thousands of owners and tenants. We will be here to keep your largest yearly tax exposure as small as legally possible.

This is for information purposes only it is not a solicitation for business