Friday, May 01, 2009

"A vote for Prop. 1 will provide more money for streets and police."

Wikipedia defines non sequitur as "an abrupt, illogical, unexpected or absurd turn of plot or dialogue not normally associated with or appropriate to that preceding it. It is a type of logical fallacy."

Of all the arguments put forward by Prop. 1 supporters, "safer streets not hotel suites" is the biggest non sequitur.

Mayor Leppert says, "The hotel adds billions to our economy and creates thousands of jobs that we really need. And the cost of the hotel is paid for by hotel users, not taxpayers. It actually keeps our property taxes low by generating new sales taxes from visitors."

John Scovell, president of Woodbine Development (which owns Hyatt Regency Dallas) adds in a News editorial, "Tourism generates billions of dollars each year. On average, a conventioneer spends $290 a day. Each night in a hotel room, meal in a restaurant and purchase of pint-sized cowboy boots puts sales tax money in city coffers. Those sales help provide city services that visitors rarely use."