Friday, May 01, 2009

"A Prop. 2 Web site says that their amendment won't hamstring the city."

Every Dallas City Council representative — from District 1 to District 14 — believes that, if passed, Prop. 2 will make Dallas non-competitive. Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price says Prop. 2 is designed to stifle the growth of this city.

In an Op-Ed piece in The Dallas Morning News, stalwart civic leader Ebby Halliday wrote, "The last thing we need is a destructive proposition like the one proposed by this union that reduces our ability to compete locally and nationally."

"Projects that could be impacted include retail development, historic preservation efforts, new initiatives, transit-oriented developments and residential/retail projects," she adds."

I don't know of any developers that would put themselves through all of that just to invest their money in Dallas, especially when neighboring cities will welcome them with open arms."