Friday, May 01, 2009

"The City of Dallas shouldn't be in the hotel business."

Some would have you believe that Mayor Tom Leppert himself will be placing mints on pillows.

R.I.P. Dallas clarifies, "If the city is in the convention business, then the city is in the hotel business. The city already owns a hotel – the Grand Hyatt DFW."

Dallas also owns the American Airlines Center, Fair Park, Love Field, and half of DFW Airport ... but that doesn't mean city staffers will play point guard in the NBA playoffs, perform "Mary Poppins" during the State Fair of Texas, or pilot non-stop flights to Orlando.

People confuse owning the hotel with operating it, says insurance executive Tom Dunning in The Dallas Morning News. "The city of Dallas will be the landlord. Omni [Hotels] will be the operator."

So, why is there this expensive hubbub against the hotel? Simple, The Wall Street Journal reports, "Dallas real-estate mogul Harlan Crow doesn't want his city to build a planned convention-center hotel ... he owns a big hotel a couple of miles away."