Thursday, April 09, 2009


Let us share with you a little about what’s right with America. Let us tell you about the most productive,imaginative and successful economy in the world and about the sheer dominance of its power, size and imagination.

Think of the world community of 6.7 billion people as being represented by 100 persons. In a world made up of only 100 people, five of them would live in the United States and 95 would be citizens of other countries.
These five people would:

Own 34% of the world’s equity market capitalization,
and the other 95 would share the other 66%.

Own 25% of the gross world product.

Be the largest importer of goods.

Have a gross national product more than two times
that of Japan and larger than that of the European
Union combined.

Have a gross domestic product larger than the next
four largest economies on Earth (Japan, Germany,
China and Great Britain).

Own the most cars, trucks and motorcycles per
capita in the world, with more than 250 million
registered vehicles.

Drive on the world’s most extensive highway system.

Be responsible for technological breakthroughs that
have changed the lives of the other 95: electric
lights, telephones, airplanes, the mechanical
harvester, television, computers, the CAT scan, the
Internet, the iPod — and the list goes on.

Have put a man on the moon. They would also
have designed and built the majority of airplanes
and jets flying in the world today. Their country is
home to 16 of the world’s 30 busiest airports.

Produce the world’s largest supply of electrical
energy. They would also share within their borders
nearly half of the free world’s known coal reserves.
That is more than a 147-year supply at current
rates of use. Its energy content exceeds that of all
the crude oil in the Middle East.

Grow more than 40% of the world’s corn and about 9% of the world’s wheat. They are also the leading producer of soybeans.

They are one of the largest
exporters of agricultural products
and a leader in farm productivity,
while agriculture accounts for
about 1% of GDP.

Account for 37% of all Nobel Prize winners.

Have the strongest military, accounting for 37% of global military spending and greater than the next 14 largest nations combined.

Donate the most to charities and give more than twice as much as the next closest country.

All of these superlatives can be boiled down to the long-term growth of the economy and the growth of assets, profits and dividends of American corporations. And those American corporations are largely the legal property of their 90+ million American shareholders. These are the men and women who have recognized the value of investing in America’s exciting and bountiful future through the U.S. equity markets