Thursday, April 30, 2009

VOTE NO on Prop 2

Proposition 2 could require Dallas to conduct a citywide vote each time it wants to offer $1 million or more in subsidies to private developers of hotels, condominiums and retail facilities, every time 500 Dallas voters petition for such a vote..

What if Proposition 2 Passes?

Proposition 2 wouldn't introduce a minor tweak to the way Dallas does business. It would result in a permanent change to the Dallas City Charter that will have devastating consequences on the city's ability to attract new business.
Losing new business means losing new tax revenues. That would then lead to either higher taxes on property owners, or a reduction in city services...Or both!
The language of Proposition 2 also calls into question how the city will offer TIF funding, issue 380 grants, and use State of Texas-rebated hotel occupancy taxes - all economic development programs that have helped strengthen and stabilize Dallas neighborhoods.
In addition, if passed, Proposition 2 will lead to voter fatigue and force the city to stage elections it does not need to conduct now - elections that will cost millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars.