Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Behringer Outsources Maintenance To ABM

DALLAS-In a move to improve resources and efficiency, Behinger Harvard will outsource engineering, maintenance and consulting services to ABM Industries Inc. The San Francisco, CA-based ABM Industries is already at work, reviewing local Behringer Harvard's commercial real estate portfolio to determine any problems or potential problems.

Behringer Harvard chief administrative officer Jason Mattox tells GlobeSt.com that company engineers will, under certain circumstances, be transitioned to ABM Industries. Also, as part of the agreement, Behinger Harvard engineers and maintenance staff will have access to ABM Industries' training and resources.

Mattox says the move won't be disruptive to tenants. "ABM is familiar with meeting the needs of office tenants," he says. "They know how to provide exceptional customer service and they fit with the culture of Berhinger Harvard and our property management organization."

Mattox explains that the company decided to outsource in an effort to boost efficiencies with use of fewer resources. ABM Industries was the logical choice because of its prior long-term relationship with Behringer Harvard. After a review of the companies in the marketplace, ABM Industries brought the most to the table, Mattox says.

Though Mattox declines to elaborate on whether the ABM Industries partnership will be the start of future outsourcing moves, he did say there might be times during which Behringer Harvard would consider "calling on the resources of groups outside our own company."
"In this economy, competition is stiff for tenants, and we plan to do everything we can to retain tenants at our properties," he adds. "ABM represents a good way in which we can do that."
By Amy Wolff Sorter with Globest.com