Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dallas the world's 17th most compelling destination in 2009

Oh, how Dallas City Hall politicos will love this.

The New York Times has ranked Dallas #17 on its list entitled "The 44 Places To Go in 2009."

On the list, Dallas edges out such tourist meccas as Rome, Copenhagen and the Seychelles.

The rationale for Dallas' selection centers around the dramatic expansion of its downtown Arts District, which will soon feature a new theater, opera house and performance hall, among other amenities.

Taxpayers have injected tens of millions of dollars into the $338 million Dallas Center for the Performing Arts expansion, the majority of which is funded by private donations.

Of course, I can't pass up an opportunity to note that The New York Times also ranked my humble and beloved hometown -- Buffalo, N.Y. -- as the #37 best place to visit in the entire world for 2009 on the strength of a spectacular new Burchfield-Penney Art Center, various cultural offerings and affordability.

And if you're really poor, my parents can rent you my old bedroom for $20 a night to help defray the cost of food, gasoline and good Canadian beer during my regular visits.

Dave Levinthal