Wednesday, November 05, 2008


DOWNTOWNDALLAS is celebrating 50 years of making Downtown a vibrant and safe place to live, work and play. As part of the 50th anniversary celebration, an article documenting a decade by decade account of the rich history of Downtown will be included in each newsletter until the Annual Meeting. Join the celebration as we look back on 50 incredible years and forward to the excitement of the next 50!

By 1958, the foundation for a thriving Downtown had been laid. Landmark buildings like the Old Red Courthouse, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Adolphus Hotel, and Municipal Building already graced Downtown’s busy streets. Financial and administrative offices had begun moving to Downtown, increasing its foothold as the business center of the city. The arts began to cultivate in the city center through the opening of the Dallas Civic Opera which made worldwide news when its opening performance featured the acclaimed singer Maria Callas.

It was at this time that the Central Dallas Association formed to promote the interests of Downtown through fostering public-private partnerships, acting as a liaison between businesses and the City of Dallas, promoting planning efforts and advancing incentive programs. Today, under the DOWNTOWNDALLAS banner, we continue to advance these priorities to ensure Downtown's position as an international destination to live, work, play and invest.

If you have any anecdotes and special experiences from the past 50 years Downtown, please share it with us by emailing These stories will be used throughout the anniversary celebration.