Monday, June 16, 2008

Dallas City Council Approves Parking Meter Ordinance

Dallas City Council reviewed and passed an ordinance* which, among other things, makes it an offense to park beyond the posted maximum time limit at parking meters regardless of whether money is actually deposited in the meter.

There has been a problem with cars, especially those with disabled placards, parking at meters all day, which in turn, interferes with retail customers to the detriment of the businesses. DOWNTOWNDALLAS was successful working with the city staff to get the meters on Lane Street (between the DalPark Garage and the DPL Building) to not allow parking before 9:00 am, preventing office workers from taking up the parking spaces intended for retail customers. Further, the city now is implementing a pilot project to limit parking at all meters in retail areas to two hours. We expect time limits eventually to be placed on all meters in the Central Business District (CBD) and other retail areas.

“In retail areas it is important to have constant turnover at parking meters for the convenience of retail customers, and the success of the retail businesses Downtown,” said John F. Crawford, DOWNTOWNDALLAS President & CEO.
The ordinance also allows the City to replace the current single space parking meters with electronic multi-space meter stations which ultimately could allow the general public with more options to pay while they park, such as payment with credit cards, pay-by-phone, and payment with bills as well as with coins. The easier it is to park at a meter, the better the experience Downtown.

DOWNTOWNDALLAS is grateful to the staff in the Department of Public Works and Transportation for their leadership on this issue. We applaud the efforts of the members of the Transportation and Environment Committee in thoroughly deliberating these changes.

The City Council approved all of these changes on June 11, 2008.