Friday, May 25, 2007

Woodall Park - Almost a Done Deal!

That is, it voted to close Harwood so that we'll have a park without the Indy 500 rush-hour traffic pouring through it. The Real Estate Council was the biggest advocate. Its release after the break:
At Wednesday’s meeting, the Dallas City Council agreed to close a section of North Harwood Street through the proposed park, which will allow the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park to span two city blocks without interruption. Addressing the Council, The Real Estate Council (TREC) President Linda Owen stated, “The closure of Harwood Bridge is absolutely essential if we are to achieve our highest aspirations for the park in terms of landscape design, open space, universal accessibility, programming, safety and connectivity.”
Additionally the Council approved a development agreement with Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation to construct the park, along with a 40-year use agreement to operate and maintain the park.
“I could not be more excited about the progress we've made on Woodall Rodgers Park,” said Councilmember Angela Hunt, District 14. “With the City Council's approval of the development agreement, we have cemented a remarkable public-private partnership. Thanks to TREC and the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, we'll have a world-class park that bridges the divide between Uptown and Downtown, creates much-needed green space in this dense area, and beautifully augments our Dallas Arts District.”
TREC Chairman Frank Schubert of JPI Companies, among several TREC members and staff at City Council on Wednesday, added, “Once again, TREC has proven its leadership and ability to make a strategic impact in the city of Dallas. I expect us to celebrate Super Bowl 2011 at the Woodall Rodgers Park!”
Construction of the park is expected to begin in early 2008. Fundraising efforts are underway. For more information visit or call 214.692.3600.