Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Construction has begun on the highly anticipated Main Street Garden park. The 1.75 acre, $17.4 million park is slated to open in the fall of 2009. The park is primarily funded through the City of Dallas’ 2003 and 2006 bond programs. Planned amenities include a cafĂ©, fountain, playground, dog run, benches, chairs and tables. Main Street Garden will replace Pegasus Plaza as the site for DOWNTOWNDALLAS’ yearly events such as City Lights and Main Street Live.


limetwist said...

When are the opening celebrations?

When did dogs become more important than human children? said...

I have just left this Park and I will say this if you have children do not take them here, there were 8 dogs with there owners running around with out leashes on the out side of the dig run/ one dog pooped and the owner did not pick it up/ dogs ran all over the grass urinating and the grass looks like its withering because of the urine a what looked like a bulldog ran and trampled down a little girl about 2 years old and the female white owner did not stop this dog.
I have pictures of this incident and some signs need to go up or something /